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August 3, 2022 0 comments

By Mark Pavilions

Patient-centred care is the same whether it is for people or animals.
And King Animal Hospital will deliver it in spades.
The hospital’s Director of Health and CEO, Tracy Jones, brings together a top-notch team of animal health professionals big and small to make the hospital a world-class hospital.
In fact, the facility, when it opens in early 2023, will be one of a kind, with nearly unparalleled resources and amenities.
The best equipment in the world will take you so far. It is the expertise and commitment of a passionate and appreciated team that will take over.
That’s Jones’ goal in a nutshell.
And she feels proud and blessed to be leading this exciting project that will touch many lives.
Construction is progressing on the facility owned by the renowned Dog Tales animal rescue center. Located in a beautiful rural setting on the 19th Sideroad. The veterinary hospital is a work of art. It’s not only beautiful, but it will be the most technologically advanced facility of its kind.
The hospital is approximately 58,000 square feet on four levels and includes an outdoor arena. It will mainly serve horses, dogs, cats and some exotic animals like birds and lizards.
It will be a 24-hour emergency referral hospital serving Ontario and beyond. It will be a welcome addition to this part of the province, known as ‘horse country’.
The center will have the latest MRI and CT scanners, ultrasound, X-rays, as well as water treadmills for horses and dogs, and even hyperbaric oxygen treatment for dogs.
Jones said it all combines to create fast, efficient and often life-saving processes. Having X-ray, CT scan, MRI and expertise all under one roof allows for faster diagnosis and faster treatment.
For animals like performance horses, this saves owners valuable time, travel and time.
King Animal Hospital treatment does not end with the procedure. Facility staff will provide a full range of post-operative care and rehabilitation, which will enhance the animal’s recovery and overall health.
With such high caliber equipment and personnel, you would think this would entail heavy loads. Jones and owners Robert and Danielle Scheinberg maintain competitive rates and follow industry rate schedules. They are adamant that every animal should have access to the most compassionate and committed care possible.
The Scheinbergs have paid particular attention to every detail. They wanted to design an aesthetic building that fits into the rural landscape. It looks like a European resort or cottage, but inside it means business.
The focus is on animal care and welfare, which drives everything the Scheinbergs do.
Jones said the full roster will reach 120 when fully operational.
She wants to constantly monitor, follow and measure the flow for efficiency but above all the quality of care. The learning curve will also be the perfect opportunity to improve, learn and share information.
Jones said they also wanted to embrace the community and share knowledge. The second floor will house workshops and educational facilities, accommodating students from Sheridan and Seneca colleges and nearby universities and overseas.
Jones pointed out that a $1 million investment in AV equipment alone speaks to the idea of ​​sharing knowledge. Surgeries will be recorded and used for training purposes for staff.
All surgeons and specialists are board-certified, and Jones said she wants the facility to become the “employer of choice” for successful medical professionals.
Running the facility is like running a human hospital and taking care of the staff is a priority.
Jones has more than 20 years of experience leading multidisciplinary healthcare teams of up to 1,500 employees across multiple sites and managing operating budgets of up to $100 million. Her previous experience includes President and CEO roles in long term care, retirement, home care and organizations offering healthcare software solutions.
As CEO of the Yee Hong Center for Geriatric Care, Jones received the distinction of having the most admired corporate culture in Canada.
She also has experience in the not-for-profit sector and has overseen the planning of capital projects.
Jones wants to ensure employees’ mental health is supported, noting that care of this nature is often quite emotional.
She wants to foster a culture of support and a “walking the halls” approach to getting constant feedback from staff. She aims to be a visible leader.
Staff can also take advantage of the extensive grounds and hiking trails nearby.
There is no doubt that King Animal Hospital will be a gem in many ways. Not the least is a shining example of a strong team of professionals who will help shape modern veterinary care in ways we cannot imagine.
You can contact Jones at [email protected]
To learn more about Dog Tales, visit


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