Brighton and Hove News » Brighton Reptile Center welcomes stowaway gecko from China

Forget Thin Lizzy and meet Thin Lizard – a 4 inch gecko currently in the care of RSPCA staff at the association’s Brighton Reptile Rescue Centre.

Staff at the Patcham center have dubbed the fine traveling gecko Thin Lizard after surviving a 4,800 mile journey from China inside a musical instrument box.

The little creature made the trip inside a sealed shipping container that was shipped three months ago.

He was found at a musical instrument import business in Maidstone, Kent, on Monday last week (January 24).

The RSPCA’s Clive Hopwood came to the rescue and collected the Asian house gecko, bringing it to the charity’s Brighton Reptile Center in Braypool Lane.

Mr Hopwood said: ‘Staff were unpacking a box when the little gecko ran away.

“The box was part of a shipment that had traveled from China in a sealed shipping container in October, but the box was not unpacked until three months later.

“It’s unbelievable that this little gecko survived such a long journey and locked up in the sealed package for so long, but they managed to confine it and then called us for help.

“I took Thin Lizard to our experts at Brighton Reptile Rescue who identified him as an Asian house gecko and will find him a specialist home.”

The RSPCA said Thin Lizard was lucky to survive because the reptiles are ectothermic, meaning they rely on their environment to heat up or cool down as needed.

The charity hopes its trip will remind holidaymakers to always check their bags carefully before heading home.

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