Bearded Dragon ‘Cliff’ Ready for a New Home: Main Line Animal Rescue

MAIN LINE, PA – A young bearded dragon, who fell ill in his old home, is ready to be adopted by someone in the Philadelphia area forever.

Cliff was handed over in connection with an animal cruelty case, according to Main Line Animal Rescue (MLAR).

“He was poorly housed with a tree frog and another bearded dragon,” MLAR shared on Facebook, adding that the other bearded dragon had a contagious fungal disease. Cliff showed “mild signs” of illness and his skin lesions healed with proper care. It also tripled in size, MLAR said.

Cliff the bearded dragon. (Main Line Animal Rescue/SPCA of Philadelphia)

“Cliff loves mealtimes and has a taste for life,” the rescue said in his Facebook post. “Our staff love interacting with this fun guy and we know he will make a great addition to someone’s home.”

Animal Rescue asks Cliff to see someone “who doesn’t have other reptiles or an adopter who is willing to make sure he stays separate from other reptiles for the next few months.”

“We are very happy to put any potential adopters in touch with our veterinary staff to discuss their prior status,” MLAR continued.

“Please understand that knowledgeable reptile care and proper husbandry are a must when adopting an exotic pet. Research into their nutrition, housing needs, lighting needs, and socialization are imperative for s to ensure they are healthy and happy.”

Anyone interested in meeting Cliff or who has questions can email [email protected]

Bearded dragons are in the Adamidae family with many other lizards generally native to Africa, Asia and Australia. They are named for the prickly skin under their throat, which looks like a beard when puffing out. Bearded dragons are up to two feet long and live for around 10 years.

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