Back To The Outback clip shows hilarious animal escape [EXCLUSIVE]

Watch a preview of the Netflix movie Back To The Outback with Isla Fisher, Guy Pearce, and Tim Minchin as animals trying to escape the zoo.

screen delirium has an exclusive clip of Back to the Outback showing the animal stars from the film attempting to escape the zoo with hilarious results. The animated film will premiere on Netflix on December 10 and will also be available in select theaters from December 3. Back to the Outback features a cast of Australian actors as well as directors all working on the film as a love letter to the country and the Outback.

Back to the Outback follows some of Australia’s deadliest creatures, including a poisonous snake, Thorny Devil lizard, spider, and scorpion. Tired of feeling like monsters, the motley group plan an escape from their home zoo to the Outback wilderness where they believe they will be accepted. On the night of their escape, their nemesis, Pretty Boy, an adorable but obnoxious koala, unexpectedly joins their escape. Now the group has no choice but to take her with them on their road trip through Australia. With a zookeeper on their trail, can they get back to the Outback?


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Watch an exclusive clip from Back to the Outback below. The funny clip shows the animals escaping from the zoo with Pretty Boy attempting to thwart their plans. The koala may be cute, but it is not very nice. Not only does he try to draw attention to the zoo animals that escape, but he also points out that they are ugly and no family would want them. Hopefully an adventure will help change Pretty Boy’s attitude. Watch the Back to the Outback clip here:

Back to the Outback features a cast of talented Australian actors. Isla Fisher plays band leader Maddie, the poisonous serpent with a heart of gold; Miranda Tapsell is Zoe, the self-confident Thorny Devil lizard; Guy Pearce plays Frank, a hairy spider in love; Angus Imrie voices Nigel the Sentient Scorpion; and Tim Minchin is Pretty Boy, the beloved koala who is the star of the zoo. The film also features vocal performances by Erica Bana, Keith Urban, Rachel House, Celeste Barber, Wayne Knight, Lachlan Power and Jacki Weaver.

Back to the Outback is directed by Clare Knight and Harry Cripps, who also wrote the screenplay alongside Gregory Lessans. The directors wanted to capture the beauty of their homeland in all its forms and show that mortal animals can be lovable too. The animated adventure aims to prove that just because something is different doesn’t mean it’s not beautiful.

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Back to Outback arrives December 10 on Netflix and will be available in select theaters from December 3.

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