An animal lover known as Iguana Man has been catching reptiles for years

SUNRISE, Florida. – You can call him Iguana Man.

For the past four years, Raj the Iguana Man has been abducting iguanas all over South Florida. The animal lover, originally from Trinidad and Tobago, has helped the overpopulation problem.

Raj runs a pest control service for these reptiles. Local 10 News animal advocate Jacey Birch accompanied him for one of his outward signs at Sunrise.

“These iguanas here guys, they are going to be humanely euthanized. We are following all FWC guidelines,” Raj said.

Lizards are euthanized and sometimes eaten.

“Not only are we removing invasive iguanas from the ecosystem, but we actually want to use them as a resource for food,” Raj said.

Anyone having problems with iguanas can hire a pest control company or deal with them on their own, but there are rules set forth by the Florida Fish & Wildlife Conservation Commission that must be followed, which includes obtaining a permit.

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Raj has a word of warning for those who would handle the iguanas themselves.

“They could either try to whip your tail, if you catch them – they can try to scratch you, or the worst thing an iguana can do is bite,” Raj said.

To hire Raj’s pest control service, visit

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