Albany woman puzzled after taking photo of silly-faced animal

It’s cute, even if it looks silly, and it’s definitely a deer … isn’t it?

Okay so maybe the answer is obvious – maybe it isn’t. But either way, this derby-looking animal that was recently photographed by a woman in Albany County has left enough people baffled that it deserves an article.

If you come across this nice and strange animal, be respectful and kind. He’s just trying to live his best life!

After recently posting on Albany Reddit a photo of an animal she took near the Five Rivers Environmental Education Center, a woman named Samantha who uses the pseudonym squamx asked: “spotted this weird deer (no offense my sorry friend) at Five Rivers today. I can’t figure out why it looks like this, has anyone ever seen a deer like this? “

Most people think it is obviously a deer, but recent theories on Albany Reddit, where the photo came from, seemed to think otherwise.

Someone in the comments section called phantom_eight, wrote something about the deer that is way above my pay grade – speculating that the strange creature might be something else. Something called “no deer”.

“I asked my rural friend for sticks in Greene County and he said, ‘That’s what they call a stag’s step. “” WTF is not a deer? “It’s another creature taking on the appearance of a deer” then he walked away … It didn’t seem to confuse him. “


I searched online “not a deer” and found a lot.

In fact, on Tik Tok and other social media platforms, #NotDeer is actually quite popular, and it’s not uncommon for conspiracy theorists to run wild with speculation.

One article explained: “Deer are not described in various ways as resembling a deer, but there is something wrong with them, such as having their eyes turned to the front of a predator or eyes judged. too close together, a neck is too long, a deformed head or legs considered too short and articulated or which move in an unnatural way. “


Here’s what others have thought of Albany Reddit’s comments section:

“Wait, is that supposed to be a white-tailed deer? That’s not true … that face is fake and it has goat eyes.” – BankerBabe420

“He looks different from other deer! Maybe this is the angle of the photo, but the eyes look blue and the ears are too short. It could be a genetic variation, there are many generic syndromes which occur in humans and cause different physical symptoms and traits, assuming this could also occur in animals. ”-Jacobero

If you come across this nice and strange animal, be respectful and kind. He’s just trying to live his best life!

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