Advocating for Pet Owners Who Dress Their Pets in New England

I’m all for people not reading this entire article before commenting on their disbeliefs and voicing their opinions against wearing clothes on animals.

That said, I must state my point of view.

After Halloween, with Christmas and the colder months approaching, many complain about people who “force” their dogs to dress up.

It’s Larry as a bat boy. Hugging, walking, smiling, loving the day.

Logan Sherwood

Logan Sherwood

A friend and colleague of mine even wrote an article about his disapproval of dressing dogs in real clothes. Check it here.

After reading his opinion piece, which emphasized the cruelty of dressing animals in costumes, I headed to the comments section. Bad idea. What I’ve seen are people agreeing, belittling, and speaking ill of those who dress their dogs in suits, shirts, sweatshirts, etc.

As a loving dog owner, for years, I believed in that side. That was cruel and demeaning to the dog. Then I met my wife.

She loves to give our two Bernedoodles a themed shirt, sweatshirt or some kind of clothing. I fought it a bit. Telling him it was a waste of money, the dogs hated it and it was embarrassing.

Then I saw how the dogs acted when she took them out.

They adore him. Seriously, when one of us pulls out a costume, a sweatshirt, a doggie outfit, he gets excited. They run towards you and either A). try to get into the shirt or B). sit patiently waiting to be dressed for the occasion.

I mean, watch Miko asking for a belly massage in a sweatshirt.

Logan Sherwood

Logan Sherwood

They never scratch, claw or chew it. And if they did, we would remove it immediately.

I write this article because many see a dog in a suit or shirt and immediately judge. “it’s cruel”, “they’re bad pet owners”, “the dog must hate it…” etc. etc

I think it’s crucial to say that not all dogs and pets like extra clothing. The RSPCA has advised against dressing up pets for Halloween because costumes can increase stress in animals and cause them to ‘overheat and struggle to breathe properly,’ according to an article by Country Living.

That said, there are definitely times when dogs WANT extra clothes. Maybe if a dog has thin hair, is small, is cold, etc. Or maybe the dog likes extra clothing because it’s soothing.

You love your weighted blanket, don’t you? Maybe my dog ​​likes his sweater.

Logan Sherwood

Logan Sherwood

“For a dog, a suit, snug around the dog’s belly and back, might just replicate that age-old feeling. [of being scolded by a more powerful dog]says Alexandra Horowitz, canine cognition researcher and New Yorker professor.

The quote above is certainly true and has value. If a garment is tight, it should NEVER go over a dog. And if a dog scratches, claws, chews, or tries to get off a piece of clothing, it should be removed immediately.

That said, if you see a doggo strutting around in a tube top or vacation sweatshirt before you think bad thoughts of the owner, think about the dog – maybe the doggo likes the extra attention and extra warmth .

Logan Sherwood

Logan Sherwood

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