A sloth in Wisconsin? A local institute is housing the animal for the next few weeks

OSHKOSH, Wis. (WFRV) – MToxins, a venom lab and educational facility have a wide variety of different animals such as raccoons and snakes.

The company has added a new member to its family, a 5-year-old sloth from Costa Rica. The sloth is currently in transition to a zoo but will be stopping off at MToxins for a few weeks before moving into its forever home.

Nathaniel Frank, the owner of MToxins, said visitors will be able to come see the sloth until “about the second week of August”.

Sloths are commonly found in Central and South America and typically inhabit tropical rainforests. Sloths love trees and don’t travel very far, only traveling about 40 meters a day.

“You can call us at (920) 267-8773. Monday through Thursday the tours are private and Friday, Saturday and Sunday are general admission,” Frank explained.

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Alongside the sloth, those interested in owls, eagles, raccoons, foxes, snakes and lizards, MToxins is the perfect experience for you.

To learn more about MToxins and their newest member, the sloth, you can visit their website here.

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