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Being able to carry more crafting resources and ammo for your weapons is very useful in Forbidden Horizon Westbut to do that, you’re going to have to go hunting.

A wide variety of pouches, quivers and other containers can be made in Forbidden Horizon West, allowing you to increase the number of arrows, traps, and other useful items you can carry with you. The materials needed to craft them, however, must be obtained from the various animals found in the world of the Forbidden West. And so to get them, you will have to go hunting.

Below is a list of all the animals you can hunt Forbidden Horizon West, as well as where you will find them. If you’re having trouble spotting them, be sure to enable focus mode, which makes it easier. And keep in mind that you won’t always get the materials you want – sometimes you’ll have to kill the same animal multiple times to get bones or hides etc.


Raccoon – Raccoons can be found in the northeast area of ​​the map near Chainscrape. You will also find them north of Plainsong.

Wild boar – Similar to Raccoons, you will find Boars in the northeast area of ​​the map near Chainscrape, as well as north of Plainsong. Their fairly large size makes them easy to spot.

Rabbit – Rabbits are another animal you will find in the northeast area of ​​the map around Chainscrape and north of Plainsong. Their small size means you’d better activate Focus Mode to find them.

Squirrel – Being very small in size, you might have trouble seeing squirrels unless you turn on Focus Mode. You’ll find them near Chainscrape in the northeast corner of the map, as well as north of Plainsong.

Jay – You’ll find Jays around Chainscrape in the northeast corner of the map, but they’re very hard to spot unless you’re using Focus Mode. They will also fly away if you scare them.

Carp – If you’re after Carp, check out the lake just south of Cinnabar Sands. You are sure to find some there.

big horn goat – Big Horn goats love mountains, so of course you will find in the mountainous areas in the center of the map. You will also find them in the sandy area south of Plainsong.

red fox – You will find red foxes in the area just west of Barren Light. You might also find them encroaching on mountainous areas.

Owl – Owls are another animal that loves mountains. Since they fly away when you get close, you might want to locate them using Focus Mode.

Salmon – Salmon can be quite difficult to find. Head to the second mountainous area in the northwest corner of the map and look for a river bed. Hope you spot a few.

horned lizard – Horned Lizards like arid lands, so you will find them in the deserts in the south of the map. Their small size means you might want to use Focus Mode to spot them.

Vulture – Like horned lizards, vultures love the desert. Thus, you will find them towards the southern area of ​​the map, under Scalding Spear.

Peccary – Lucky for you, peccaries are perhaps the most abundant animal in the game. You’ll find them in the desert to the south, as well as in the rainforests and the central area of ​​the map.

goose – If you are after Geese, go north of Scalding Spear. You should find plenty of them there.

Prairie dog – Prairie Dogs are one of the hardest animals to find in the game. Focus your efforts around the Scalding Spear area and you should find some though.

Duck – As you can imagine, ducks love water. So if you’re trying to find some, check out the rainforest areas to the southeast.

Low – Bars love the ocean, so you’ll find them near the coast on the western side of the map.

Moon Fish – Just like Bass, you will have no trouble finding Moonfish in the sea on the west side of the map.

Seagull “It’s a seagull, so where are you likely to find one?” By the sea, of course! Go all the way west – all the way to the coast – and you’ll find plenty of them.

Crab – Crabs are another animal that you will find by the sea, so go to the coastline in the western area of ​​the map and keep your eyes peeled for them.

Pelican – Pelicans are another animal you will find on the west coast. They are large and easy to spot.

Lobster – See Crabs. Lobsters also like the sea, so they can be found on the west coast.

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