A disturbing sculpture of reptiles discovered on the Moon

People often talk about the face on the moon, but most just assume the face is human. Well it turns out one face was just right spotted on the moonbut it’s reptilian.

UFOSightingsDaily.com was looking for thanks to high-resolution images taken by Arizona State University Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter Camera and discovered what they call a sculpture of an “intelligent reptilian species”. The sculpture seems to show a dinosaur with an open mouth. They point out that it has a large, curved tongue, “as if to speak”, as well as smaller arms, larger legs and a thick tail. It was located in a crater and they colored the photo to better show the creature carving.

The website propose that the dinosaurs were not only on Earth, but also on the moon, and may have been placed there by an intelligent reptilian species aptly called Reptilians. Of course, a more likely explanation for the “sculpture” is that there is a rock formation within the crater that, with the right lighting, looks like a dinosaur seen from an orbiting camera.

However, there may be something etched in the moon. The Mars rover discovered all sorts of strange objects like an “alien boot”, metal wreckage, a flying UFO, a mysterious door, “alien weapons”, and what does an alien look like.

Head here and zoom in on the bright spot near the upper left corner to see the “sculpture” on the moon for yourself. Perhaps you will find others as well.

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