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On Sunday, a monitor lizard was hit by a car near Deogaon turning into the Dhamangaon Railway

Nagpur: Amravati Forestry Division seems to turn a blind eye to cases of wildlife poaching that are reported either by wildlife lovers or NGOs.
Two consecutive cases have been reported by wildlife lovers in the past 3-4 days, but forestry officials have reportedly taken no action. In the first case on Sunday, a monitor lizard was hit by a car near Deogaon on his way home Dhamangaon Railway. There were two women with the driver in the car.
The monitor lizard is listed on Schedule I of the Wildlife Protection Act 1972 and enjoys the highest level of protection as a tiger.
“The lizard was crossing the road. After being injured, the driver grabbed the lizard and put it in a bag. Even as the car was about to leave, I confronted the driver and asked the women to show the bag. After being cornered, they threw the lizard into the roadside bushes and ran away,” said wildlife lover Chetan Bharti, who was passing by the same road.
Former Amravati Honorary Wildlife Warden Vishal Bansod said: ‘The relevant forestry officials were notified but they took the lizard away after they spotted the panchnama. A video clip of the incident shows the car’s license plate, and two women and men confronting the whistleblower. If forestry officials were really serious about wildlife crime, the culprits could have been easily tracked down from sheer numbers.
In another incident, a poacher identified as Parvesh Mansingh Pawar belonging to the Pardhi community was seen openly selling partridges in a bazaar street on Tuesday, 15 km from Amravati. Poaching of these birds is prohibited as the species is listed in Schedule IV of the Wildlife Protection Act 1972.
“On Saturday, we reported the matter through the appropriate channel to the Deputy Conservator of Amravati Forests (DyCF). However, the culprit has yet to be arrested even after four days. There are at least 25 markets in and around Amravati where wild animal meat is smuggled by poachers,” says Bharti.
“There is a mobile team, vigilance staff and forestry staff, but there is no repression against these poachers,” Bansod said.
DyCF Chandrasekaran Bala N told TOI that the person seen with partridges is from Tuesday and is on the run. “On July 13, the field staff tried to corner him. It will be booked soon. We are investigating the monitor lizard case and are tracking down the owner of the vehicle with the assistance of the RTO office,” the official said.


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