7-Eleven buyers surprised by a “dangerous” reptile sneaking into the shelves: “I stayed behind”

A giant lizard was caught browsing the snack shelves of a 7-Eleven in Nakhon Pathom, Thailand.

The six-foot-long Asian water monitor muscular his way in a convenience store before scaling multiple shelves, reported News leak. He almost fell to the ground three times and knocked over many objects, but the reptile was unstoppable.

Once he reached the top, he seemed to relax and unwind. It looked like he was trying to reach the store’s ice maker for some reason. Laughing spectators recorded footage of the unusual sight.

“I only stopped by the store to buy food, then saw the huge monitor lizard inside. I wanted to buy a drink but the animal was too close to the drinks aisle ”, customer Narumpa Tangsin Recount News leak.

“They are dangerous animals, especially when they’re angry, so I stood back and recorded it on my phone. I guess the stores have everything, even for lizards, ”Tangsin added.

The monitor apparently remained on the shelf for at least an hour. A salesperson called the police, but rescuers were only able to remove him from the store. They did not catch the reptile which is said to have been looking for food after months of dry weather and little rain.

Asian monitor lizards tend to live in swamps and canals, but many water bodies in the region have dried up. Fortunately, they are not aggressive towards humans unless provoked.

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