5 ways Tom and Teddy would work as a couple (& 5 ways they would never)

Content Disclaimer: This article contains discussions about trauma

Teddy, Tom and Owen’s love triangle exploded in season sixteen of Grey’s Anatomy and things got really complicated for these three characters. As a result of Teddy’s actions, her then-fiancé and her secret lover were heartbroken. Falling in love with two of his co-workers turned out to be an ordeal for Altman, and most viewers struggled to envision a positive outcome to this messy situation.

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While this season appears to be a defining moment in Teddy’s character arc, some of his latest personal decisions certainly didn’t please fans. Even though she loves and wants to marry Owen, there are a few people who think Tom and Teddy would be better off as a couple – despite their differences.

ten They would work: their chemistry is undeniable

Teddy and Tom holding hands in Grey's Anatomy

Their romance started off on a high note, with the two appearing much happier together than apart. It was obvious that their chemistry was strong and, to this day, their strong attraction to each other has never really gone away.

Additionally, Tom and Teddy’s sexual tension became even more noticeable when they engaged in an outrageous affair when she was already engaged to Owen. Even though she’s left Tom more than once, she hasn’t been able to fully withdraw, and audiences continue to see a repetitive “rekindle” of romance – suggesting that they might in fact be “the better half.” one of the other.

9 They wouldn’t: Teddy and Tom should focus on themselves

Teddy wearing his blue scrubs in Grey's Anatomy

While some fans would love to see Tom and Teddy get back together, most would agree that it shouldn’t be happening anytime soon. As viewers know, Teddy’s mental health has been severely affected due to the pressures of work.

With the cardiovascular surgeon working on Meredith’s case, witnessing DeLuca’s death and trying to deal with past grief and trauma, Teddy decided to take a step back from his relationships to focus on improving her condition. his health. Tom is also taking time to focus on his physical health after also contracting COVID-19. Right now, it doesn’t seem like a good time to mend their relationship.


8 They would work: they have similar stories

Teddy sitting on the sidewalk in Grey's Anatomy

Similar to how Meredith and Cormac’s potential romance began due to their similar experiences and losses, Koracick and Altman’s connection also followed a similar path. While the neurosurgeon suffered the loss of a son before joining the show, the military veteran was heartbroken over the deaths of Allison and Henry.

Their relationship allowed fans to see another side of Teddy and Tom, one where the two surgeons let their guard down and spoke openly about their thoughts and feelings. If a romance hasn’t worked out, they will surely remain close friends.

seven They wouldn’t: both are afraid to trust each other

An image of Tom sitting in the boardroom in Grey's Anatomy

This love affair turned out to be a big mess and touched more people than it should have. While Teddy and Tom seemed like a great match at first, things turned sour with Teddy’s constant indecision. At one point, fans felt genuinely sorry for Koracick because he really made an effort for Altman, but she chose Owen over him.

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As it stands, and especially after she said she didn’t love him, it would be really hard for Tom to trust her with his heart again. Likewise, if Tom accepted his return, Teddy would probably be wary of him too.

6 They would work: they really care about each other

Teddy talking to Tom while in hospital bed in Grey's Anatomy

Their intermittent relationship is surely not one of the strongest on this show. Yet if there is one thing that is evident, it is their concern and concern for each other. Yes, they let their feelings get in the way of what’s healthiest for them (and those around them), but both have been on each other’s side during illness and childbirth!

Tom was in love with Teddy while she was pregnant – even going so far as to make sure the house was ready for her and her newborn baby. Later, it was Altman who stayed by Koracick’s bed while he recovered from COVID-19. Regardless of the landscape that surrounds their lives, they can’t help but want to be close to each other.

5 They wouldn’t: Owen was Teddy’s fiancé when they rekindled their romance

Owen and Teddy have a fight in the kitchen in Grey's Anatomy

Sadly, Teddy wasn’t honest with Owen about his true feelings for Tom before she cheated on him. It was true that she had been secretive and callous at times, but the worst part was that she was not forthright until she was faced with the truth.

Would it be fair to say that if Teddy hadn’t gotten caught, she probably would have married Owen? And if so, wouldn’t it be really hard for Tom to expect a happy day with her, being the man she cheated on her husband with?

4 They would work: they are excellent team players

Teddy and Tom wearing white coats in Grey's Anatomy

Altman and Koracick are both very intelligent professionals who have wowed fans with their ability to save patients from very high risk surgeries. They each adopt a calm, assertive posture in every medical emergency they are involved in, and when working together they can bring out the best in the other.

But unlike Owen, who tends to be overly serious and anxious as a coworker, “Toddy” had a fun time and a supportive dynamic in the hospital. Fan-favorite neurosurgeon Gray Sloan is funny, indifferent, but a very capable colleague – qualities Teddy admires.

3 They wouldn’t: Teddy has Owen’s children

An image of Owen about to be operated on in Grey's Anatotmy

Teddy and Tom’s will, they / won’t they be dynamic, will always have to account for the existence of Leo and Allison. While Tom would have no problem taking on a fatherly role, he might struggle with the fact that there would always be a story between Owen and Teddy. Even if Owen and Teddy stopped working together, they would still be in each other’s lives since they have two children together.

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Teddy and Owen are wonderful parents and if they were to stay in this role, it’s easy to think that they would try to put their personal feelings aside for the sake of their children. However, Owen’s greatest desire was to have a family and he might want to fight for it, which could weigh heavily on Teddy’s choice for his mate.

2 They would work: it was a healthy relationship

Teddy and Tom's first date in Grey's Anatomy

Teddy and Owen had a whirlwind romance, where one seemed to always chase the other. When they found each other, things didn’t calm down for a long time. Maybe this constant instability is meant to show that no matter how hard they try, it just doesn’t work.

When she described feeling ‘enraged’ about how she felt with Owen (as a good thing) and ‘safe’ about how she felt with Tom (as a bad thing), it sounded crooked but also obvious which one was healthier. choice. Not only did Tom prove that he only has eyes for her, but during season 15 viewers witnessed so many times these two were gentle and caring for each other. other, operating in a healthy dynamic.

1 They wouldn’t: Teddy made Tom believe she never liked him

Teddy wearing his PPE in Grey's Anatomy

In one of the most heartbreaking moments, a reluctant and tearful Teddy tells Tom what he asks to hear: that she never really liked him.

It felt like a defining moment for these two, the one that seemed to have given Koracick closure. He seems to have realized that if Teddy still chose Owen then he deserved better, which is why he asks Teddy to let him go.

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