5 Best Wildlife Documentaries to Stream on Netflix Right Now

Animals are probably the best thing on our planet, from the cuddly Golden Retriever puppies to their majestic wolf descendants that have inspired folklore and stories since ancient times that have now become pop culture staples, and life would never be not the same without them. From docile to dangerous, animals have captured the human imagination and awe for generations due to their power, beauty and, most importantly, friendliness, and netflix has everything you need for your wildlife documentary solution.

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Wild animals ranging from the highest mountain peaks to the deepest depths of the ocean can be found in this list, as well as more familiar and friendly faces that make for incredible documentary subjects. These are 5 of the best animal documentaries on Netflix right now to remind you of the magnificence of the animal kingdom.


Animals (2021)

As the title may reveal, this Netflix documentary series focuses on some of the world’s best known and most beloved animals and features gorgeous shots of them living in the towering and beautiful wilderness with scenes of hunting, swimming and some of the cutest babies you’ll ever see.

The series has famous narrators, including Rashida Jones, Bryan Cranston, Rebel Wilson, Pedro Pascal, and more, all of whom do a great job providing voice-overs to amazing nature shots. Fan favorites such as big cats, dolphins, birds of prey and bears are all in this series, and if you’re in the mood to watch how some of the world’s most powerful animals live, then Animal is for you.

The Hidden Life of Pets (2022)

If you’ve ever been curious about what your beloved dog, cat, rabbit or lizard does every day, you’re not alone, and this Netflix series shows just how talented and amazing our pets really are. The series focuses on a unique skill that our beloved companions share, such as their incredible senses, intelligence, athleticism, and particular ways of communicating.

Watch how dogs use empathy to form strong bonds, how rats use their wits to drive cars, how cats use their natural navigational skills to enjoy mountain hikes, and other incredible feats all of our animals do. of companionship are capable. It’s only four episodes long, but it’s more than fun enough to see just how skilled our furry friends can be.

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My Octopus Teacher (2020)

This critically acclaimed Netflix original documentary explores the friendship and bond that defines the barrier between South African filmmaker and freediver Craig Foster and a wild common octopus. Realized by Pippa Ehrlich and James Red, My octopus teacher is more than just a heartwarming tale of a man overcoming depression and burnout through his connection to nature, it’s a beautifully shot film that highlights the brilliance of our oceans and is a beautiful detox from the influx of terrible news and desolation that is abundant in our present world.

You’ll probably never want to eat calamari again, but this movie will melt your heart and is one of the best nature documentaries ever made. Give her a watch if you haven’t already and prepare to fall in love with this unique friendship.

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Night on Earth (2020)

Watching animals operate under cover of darkness is a rare sight to behold, and Netflix night on earth is a breathtaking documentary series that shows never-before-seen footage of nocturnal animals from the freezing tundra to the mysterious jungle.

The series is narrated by Samira Wiley and is an incredible tour de force of talent and cinematic skill, as capturing some of the world’s most secretive animals in total darkness is no easy task. It’s perfect for late nights when you want to learn more about animals’ nighttime routines.

Wild Babies (2022)

A nature documentary about some of the cutest baby animals to ever exist is always a great idea, with wild babies being no exception and is a perfect complement to the adorable animal cinematic universe. Helena Bonham Carter provides her voice to act as the series’ narrator and does an amazing job, making it one of the most enjoyable nature documentaries Netflix has ever released.

Cuteness ranges from baby foxes, baby seals, penguin chicks and many more, all learning to survive and grow in the wild. If you’re going to watch a wildlife documentary, let it be this one, because seeing the little faces of some of nature’s future predators is bound to make you happy.

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