2 detained for possession of wild animal parts | Aurangabad News

AURANGABAD: The forestry department arrested two people from Aurangabad for alleged possession of body parts of Schedule I wild animals, including tiger, fox and monitor lizard.
Acting on specific information, Forest Department officials raided a private clinic on Sunday, from where the body parts were recovered. The clinic owner, who practices herbal medicine and other systems of traditional medicine, and his colleague were arrested under the provisions of the Wildlife Protection Act 1972. They were taken into custody by the Forest Department until Tuesday.
The Forest Department has withheld the identity of the two accused. Rangeland Forest Officer Dada Taur, on Monday, said it feared a major chain was involved in the alleged breach. “Wild animal parts we seized included tiger and fox teeth, monitor lizard genitals and fingernails from some owl species. These parts may have been used for medicinal purposes. We are conducting a new interrogation,” he said.
“It is impossible to remove the seized body parts in question without killing the animals. The offense is of a serious nature. We need to reach out to the people from whom these body parts were originally obtained. Offenders could be sentenced to seven years in prison if found guilty,” he added.
Taking note of the incident, conservationists have demanded a full investigation into the seizure of body parts of animals listed in Schedule I of the Wildlife (Protection) Act 1972.


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