10 unpopular opinions on George (according to Reddit)

There have been so many shocking and tragic deaths on Grey’s Anatomy, and it was really sad when George O’Malley passed away at the end of the fifth season. At first, no one knew if it was really him who was dead, but once it was clear that it was in fact George, Meredith Gray and her fellow doctors were devastated.

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Many fans think George’s death made no sense, and many were upset, as he was such a pivotal part of the show and one of the first interns Meredith bonded with after she started working on it. ‘hospital. But while George is a popular character, there are some fans who are unsure of him, and they have shared their unpopular views on Reddit.

ten George should never have cheated on Callie

George O'Malley and Callie Torres in Grey's Anatomy

One fan posted that he didn’t love George as much as other fans and that he didn’t like that he cheated on Callie. It’s really hard to love George here, because he drank too much, slept with Izzie and seemed to forget that he was already in a relationship.

George didn’t behave very well in this instance, but many viewers see him as a nice person who made a mistake and didn’t want to hurt anyone.

9 He was immature in his romantic relationships

Another fan posted that George is immature. They didn’t like how upset he was when the other characters wanted to keep things platonic with him and they didn’t like when he and Meredith had sex.

George can be seen as someone who acted without thinking, and this is true of his love life. He often looked a lot younger than his actual age, so it makes sense that some viewers would find him immature. But many loved him and thought he was charming and lovable, which makes him an unpopular opinion.


8 He judged others too much

George O'Mally's death on Grey's Anatomy.

Another unpopular opinion about George is that he judged others. One viewer shared, “The show tried to pass him off as the ‘good guy’ – the person you could turn to,” but they didn’t feel that way.

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Fans loved that George was a good friend to Izzie and Meredith, but it’s interesting to hear that some people find him critical. Whether viewers like him or dislike him, it seems fair to say that George often thought more about his personal life than his professional life, like when he failed his intern exam.

seven Why did he go so crazy about Meredith?

One fan shared that a story that didn’t age well was when Meredith cried when she slept with George and George got really angry. Meredith has improved as a character and it seems fair to say that she regretted being with George as she knew they should only be friends.

But the way George handled this was a little odd, as he didn’t seem to understand that he and Meredith didn’t have chemistry and that they weren’t actually going to start a relationship. It makes sense that several viewers questioned his behavior here.

6 George and Lexie were meant to be

Many fans dispatch Lexie and Mark and love to watch them. A popular opinion is to support this couple no matter what and wish they were always on the show. Viewers feel they were never given a real chance to fight and their deaths were tragic.

Lexie had a huge crush on George, and while Grey’s Anatomy is known to have staged many romantic relationships over the course of his 17 seasons, George seemed to have no idea what was going on here. And one fan thought Lexie and George were meant to be.

5 George was the most talented doctor

Another unpopular opinion concerns the quality of Doctor George. One fan posted on Reddit that George was the best doctor in the bunch on Grey’s Anatomy.

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The fan said they appreciated the fact that George hadn’t been too emotionally invested in the patients he was working on, and they wrote: “He might not be as good as Cristina, but I feel like they had given him enough screen time as a resident, he would have been as good as Meredith or Alex. He rarely made mistakes and was always on top of the surgeries he was preparing for.

4 George did not experience character growth

While many Grey’s Anatomy fans enjoyed watching George during his time on the show, another viewer explained why they didn’t like him – he didn’t seem to grow up as a person.

That’s a fair point, as George seemed to act the same throughout his five seasons in the hospital drama. The fan mentioned that Alex Karev has changed a lot and become a much nicer person over the seasons. It’s true that, thinking about these two characters, Alex wanted to change and George didn’t seem to grow much.

3 George and Izzie seemed to be good together

Izzie and Alex’s relationship could be confusing as they were pretty intermittent and when Alex left the show he shared that he and Izzie got back together which was surprising. But many would agree that Alex is Izzie’s best love interest.

One fan shared his opinion that George and Izzie had great chemistry. This is definitely not something that a lot of people agree with, as the characters themselves felt that they couldn’t actually engage in a serious relationship and that their physical attraction and connection was lacking. .

2 He was not funny and felt uncomfortable

TR Chevalier Katherine Heigl

While many Grey’s Anatomy viewers loved watching George hanging out with the other characters and will always love him for being an OG intern, one fan went so far as to say that George was goofy and not funny.

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Many fans have pointed out in various Reddit threads that George was still considered to be “the cool guy” on the show, but in the time since the first seasons aired, it has become clear that he doesn’t. is not like that at all. People find her handling of love interests awkward at best and problematic at worst.

1 He was everywhere at once

Many viewers loved George’s sweet, heartfelt lines as he genuinely cared about his fellow interns and had grown very close to them. It’s easy to feel nostalgic for the show’s first seasons and how close these characters are, as only Meredith is left.

One fan shared on Reddit that they think George is everywhere. They said, “When it comes to his personal / romantic life, George was right, disrespectful and just a mess. He always seemed emotionally immature to me.”

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