10 things fans love about Lexie (according to Reddit)

Lexie Gray was featured at the end of Grey’s Anatomyis the third season as Meredith’s younger half-sister. The two were linked by Thatcher Gray’s shared blood and their brilliant minds that led them to be surgeons. Although they had a rough start, Meredith made room for Lexie in her life and they grew up together.

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Lexie has become a beloved character on the show, and fans were crushed when she was killed in the tragic plane crash in the Season 8 finale. Her time on the show is often considered too short. , but she remained a fan favorite for nearly a decade, with many Redditors willing to provide a list of reasons why she is the best character on the show.

ten she liked it hard

Lexie kisses Mark - Stand By Me

While her older sister was more reserved when it came to love, Lexie loved everyone in her life openly and fully.

A Reddit user started a thread about why Lexie Gray was the best character on the show, explaining how the former neuro-protected “loves hard. She really never did anything bad to anyone.” While Lexie and Mark had relationship difficulties and she and Meredith had a rough start, she always showed courage and made sure the two knew how much she truly loved them.

9 His photographic memory was incredible

Lexie in the attic of Meredith's house

Lexie explained different sides of her personality to her older sister when she met. She shared that she hated apples and had a photographic memory, a memory that came in handy during tours and surgeries.

On the same thread that praised Lexie for being healthy and trouble-free, one user said he thinks her photographic memory is amazing. They said, “His character with photographic memory is so cool. I envy people with that so much.”


8 The way she was Meredith’s sister

Lexie was the first brother Meredith really bonded with. Before her, Meredith barely interacted with her other sister Molly and didn’t even know Maggie existed. Lexie’s presence gave Meredith the sister she never knew she needed, and gave her family who would love and protect her no matter what.

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A Reddit user commented on their link and how strong it became as the show continued, “Meredith pushed her away and Lexie continued to persist and they managed to form a special relationship. became sisters. ” They also pointed out that even when Meredith said she didn’t think of Thatcher as her father, she did say that Lexie was her sister, making it one of the most subtly heartwarming moments on the show.

seven His strength in neurosurgery

Lexie Gray with Amelia Shepherd

Ever since Lexie passed away before completing her residency, fans have speculated on what specialty she would have chosen as a participant.

Many viewers agree that she would have pursued a path of neurosurgery, following in the footsteps of Amelia and Derek Shepherd. On a thread asking if Lexie would have pursued neurosurgery, one user commented, “She already had so much Neuro talent, so I would have loved to see how she would have grown and become as good as Derek, but probably better!”

6 His character was refreshing

Lexie Gray holding her underwear and toothbrush in Grey's Anatomy

Lexie’s character was different from many others on the show. While most of the interns and residents of Seattle Grace were serious and emotionally complex, she was a free spirit who just wanted to have a relationship with her stepsister and become a good doctor.

A Reddit user created a thread about why Lexie was the best Gray in the series in which many other Redditor wrote, “I loved Lexie too. She was refreshing and no problem.” While other characters were often in the midst of drama and sadness, Lexie was a smiley face and a source of optimism.

5 His connection to Derek

Lexie lived with Meredith and Derek for some time, including when the two got married and had a child together. Meanwhile, Derek and Lexie grew closer as he guided her through neurosurgery and became a close confidant as she revealed to him her still-existing feelings for Mark Sloan.

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Fans of the show wished they could have seen more of Lexie and Derek’s sibling relationship, and the way he cared and wanted to protect her. One Reddit user wrote: “Derek made Meredith take more interest in Lexie and also brought Lexie home as a stray. Another also praised the way he mentored her as she became a resident.

4 Her different hairstyles

Lexie Gray's different hairstyles

While all of the characters on the show have had different looks over the years, no one has changed their hair more than Lexie Gray’s.

Starting the show off with a blunt bob, turning blonde after her breakup with Mark, to finally having the classic Lexie hairstyle of reddish brown hair with long bangs, Lexie had it all for seasons four through eight. On a post that asked viewers which hairstyle they liked best, one user shared her opinion, “I love her brunette look, but I was happy that she had her blonde moment. It was perfect for Lexie afterwards. breaking.”

3 His personality as a whole

Lexie Gray drinking a box of juice

Many viewers became fans of Lexie due to the innocence and kindness she brought to the show and became attached to her emotionally as if she was their little sister. His death hit fans hard as if they had lost a friend or loved one.

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One Reddit user wrote: “I am absolutely emotionally attached to her, how could you not? She has a great personality, especially since I really have a soft spot for people who are a bit socially awkward” , and went on to describe the scene where she stole hospital supplies for herself and George’s apartment as one of the best in Season 4.

2 She defended herself

Although Lexie first appeared as the shy and weaker Gray Sister, she made her presence known when Meredith tried to send her away. She refused to let her big sister push her away and assured her that she would never stop loving him or trying to connect with her.

On a thread that asked others Grey’s fans if they missed Little Gray, one user opened up about her personality and what she brought to the table during her time on the show. They said, “She was a great character, funny and a little dizzy at times, even though she knew how to stand up for herself when it was important.”

1 His relationship with Mark was the best

There’s a lot of talk about who’s the best Grey’s It still does, but the one that consistently tops the list is the pairing of Lexie Gray and Mark Sloan.

Lexie’s most popular and memorable story is her relationship with plastic surgeon Mark (otherwise known as McSteamy). Despite being at two different times in their lives, the two found a love that rivaled that of Meredith and Derek. They understood and respected each other, but the timing still seemed out of place. One Reddit user listed all the reasons their pairing is the best, but summed it up by saying, “Slexie makes me so happy and they’re on a totally different level to the other couples on the show.”

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