10 episodes where a doctor almost died

Grey’s Anatomy never shied away from the shock value. Fans were on the verge of losing their minds when they learned that Derek (Patrick Dempsey) was not single at the end of the first season. Over the years, this medical drama has set fire to the powder to orchestrate the releases of some members of the cast. In fact, fans are still in shock at how he killed George (TR Knight).

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The same time, Grey’s Anatomy also has a way of teasing fans, making them think a medic is in the hands of death, and in fact some of them almost died, but end up getting there. Here are some of those moments.

ten 17 seconds

17 second scene in Grey's Anatomy

This season two episode was more chaotic than most. Around this time, Preston Burke (Isaiah Washington) had to go to another hospital in anticipation of a new heart for Denny (Jeffrey Dean Morgan). Everything was fine until Denny’s donor heart became unsustainable. When that happens, Burke pleads for a donor heart for Erica Hahn’s (Brooke Smith) patient.

Back at the hospital, Izzie (Katherine Heigl) cuts Denny’s LVAD thread to make him even sicker. She thinks everything will go as planned until Burke gets shot outside the ER. He gets treatment in the next episode.

9 Dream a little dream of me part 1

At the end of this episode, Cristina (Sandra Oh) had some with Meredith. She can’t discuss Derek anymore, and instead, she’s determined to get back to work. However, fate had other plans. As she walked back inside the hospital, Cristina slips and before she can get up, an icicle from the roof falls and pierces her abdomen.

At that time, no one really knew if Cristina would survive. In part 2 of the episode, Owen (Kevin McKidd) comes to Cristina’s rescue, transporting her to the hospital so that she can be treated.


8 Sanctuary

Alex on the ground after being shot in Grey's Anatomy

This episode is, without a doubt, one of the deadliest episodes that Grey’s Anatomy has never been broadcast. At first, the hospital was functioning normally, until Gary Clark (Michael O’Neill), the widower of Derek’s former patient, began wandering around the hospital with a gun.

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Trying to locate Derek, he begins to shoot any surgeon he meets. He shot Reed Adamson (Nora Zehetner) first, then saw Alex (Justin Chambers) and shot him in the chest. Gary later finds Derek and after a verbal exchange he shoots him too.

seven Song under song

Every now and then the TV series like to reinvent the wheel and try something different. In the case of Grey’s Anatomy, the producers thought it would be a good idea for the actors to go into the song. Unfortunately, fans did not like the experience. And it didn’t matter if the episode dealt with the aftermath of a car crash that sent a pregnant Callie (Sara Ramirez) flying through the car windshield.

By the time she arrives at the hospital, Callie is rushed to the emergency room. Her condition was critical, but the team managed to save Callie and her baby.

6 Now or never

Throughout her time on the show, Izzie has been through a lot. For starters, she lost Denny soon after he proposed to her. And later, she learns that she has cancer.

The disease eventually wreaks havoc on her body, so much so that Izzie becomes convinced that she may not be able to cope. In fact, she even tells Alex to let her go in case she flatters herself and she already signed a DNR. Izzie’s condition eventually deteriorated and at one point it looked like she was going to die.

5 Help, I’m alive

Grey’s longtime fans will especially know that Owen is as tough as they come. He’s a military veteran, after all, and he’s been through some very traumatic situations. Obviously, Owen also has a great instinct for survival, and nothing can bring him down. Well, that’s not quite true.

In this episode, Owen connects to an IV after experiencing flu-like symptoms. Despite this, he looked fine, even deciding to operate on a patient. Once in the operating room, however, Owen accidentally receives an injection of a paralytic drug, causing him to collapse and eventually requiring intubation.

4 Drowning on dry land

This episode follows a ferry accident to which several doctors responded. This time, the doctors who attended the scene have returned to the hospital and are caring for several critical patients. To everyone’s surprise, Derek returns to the hospital with Meredith unconscious.

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Worse yet, she is as cold as ice, having almost drowned in icy water while trying to take care of a victim. Luckily for Meredith, the medics refused to let her go, even insisting that she couldn’t be pronounced dead until they warmed her up. It took a long time, but they finally got Meredith back.

3 Perfect thunderstorm

Richard lying on the ground almost dead in Grey's Anatomy.

To get the hospital back up and running, Richard sends maintenance technician Frank (Blue Deckert) to check the generator in the basement, but he never gets a response from him. Richard eventually found him slumped on the ground.

When he regains consciousness, Frank tells Richard that it is enough to turn on the transfer switch and the hospital will regain its power. But at the end of the episode, Richard is lying motionless in the basement right next to a spark circuit box.

2 (Don’t be afraid) The Ripper

Miranda in a hospital bed after suffering from a blocked artery in Grey's Anatomy.

Miranda (Chandra Wilson) may be tough and hardworking, but she’s only human and she also has her limits. In this episode, Bailey is busy dealing with her job and the fact that Ben (Jason Winston George) has decided to become a firefighter. Obviously, the idea that Ben is potentially in danger stresses Miranda, to the point that she thinks she is suffering from a heart attack.

Initially, the hospital doctors reject his medical instinct. Later, however, Miranda collapses. It turns out that she was suffering from a blocked artery. Fortunately, Richard and Maggie (Kelly McCreary) arrive and Maggie saves her.

1 Cold as ice

In the history of Grey’s Anatomy, so far, two doctors have almost died by drowning. Years after Meredith’s accidental near-drowning, April (Sarah Drew) also suffers the same fate. This time, she and Matthew (Justin Bruening) are involved in a car accident. After their rescue, Matthew was rushed to surgery, while April’s condition remained uncertain.

Eventually, fans learn that April is in critical condition. Maggie decides to put her in bypass. April’s chances of survival seemed bleak, but Maggie then thought she saw a heartbeat and decided to defibrillate. Ultimately, Maggie saves his life.

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