10 episodes to watch if you miss Denny Duquette

Grey’s Anatomy is no stranger to love and loss, but few guest stars on ABC’s hit medical drama have been as loved and mourned as Denny Duquette. Played by Jeffrey Dean Morgan, the adorable heart patient was a recurring character early in the series, and arguably the love of Izzie Stevens’ life.

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Although he tragically passed away in the heartbreaking Season 2 finale, Denny wasn’t really gone. Most importantly, his memory lived on in Izzie’s heart, regularly mentioned as an important part of her storylines and character development. Making guest appearances as a ghost in seasons three and five of the show, Denny brought his humor, charm, and gentle wisdom to every episode.

ten Start the Beginning – 2×13

Denny flirts with Izzie

Denny is first introduced in the mid-season premiere as a patient with viral cardiomyopathy who is in desperate need of a new heart.

His heart may not be working well physically, but he falls in love with Izzie as soon as he sees her, shamelessly flirting with her in front of the other interns about zodiac signs and beach walks. Their playful flirtation doesn’t stop throughout the episode, highlighting the true chemistry between the pair from the first moments of their meeting.

9 What did I do to deserve this – 2×19

alex watches denny and izzie through the hospital window

Things start to heat up again between Izzie and Alex, but their moment is cut short when Denny is taken to the ER. Izzie insists on staying with him during his heart failure, and it becomes clear to Alex and some of the other interns how much she actually cares for him.

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Despite his plans with Alex, Izzie blows him off to have an adorable “first date” in Denny’s room, complete with a tablecloth and apple juice in wine glasses.


8 Band-Aid Covers Bullet Hole – 2×20

Denny in the hospital

Denny’s heart gets worse by the minute in this emotional episode full of ups and downs. Jealous that their unspoken relationship seems to be progressing, Alex vindictively tells Denny that he and Izzie are in a relationship, leading a hurt Denny to ask Izzie what he is to her during a game of Scrabble.

A furious Izzie later confronts Alex for his lies, and Denny gets a chance at a potentially life-saving procedure but is reluctant to take it.

seven Blues for Somebody’s Sister – 2×23

denny and dr bailey in the bedroom

Unsure he’ll have to stay in the hospital, Denny is relieved when offered the option of a portable LVAD that could extend the life of his heart while allowing him to return home and keep some of his life. his independence. Afraid of hurting Izzie’s feelings, he hesitates to tell her about his decision.

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Meanwhile, Dr. Bailey becomes suspicious of their unprofessional relationship and Meredith confronts Denny, leading him to admit to her that Izzie is worth the risk.

6 17 seconds – 2×25

Grey's Anatomy 17 seconds Denny and Izzie

Denny’s time is running out, even after receiving the LVAD. Burke struggles to give Denny a new heart, and Izzie suggests illegal and drastic measures to save Denny’s life in one of the most heartbreaking episodes of the season.

Both Morgan and Heigl give stellar performances when Izzie insists on cutting her LVAD wire, sobbing that he has to let her and she won’t let him die. The episode ends with her cutting the wire and flattening Denny’s heart monitor.

5 Lose my religion – 2×27

denny dies and izzie cries

“Losing My Religion” takes fans’ hearts and grinds them to dust, but it hurts so much. It’s a rare moment when things seem to be going well for Denny. Recovering from a successful heart transplant, her hands are warm and her cheeks flushed.

He asks Izzie to marry him, assuring her that for once in his life, he has a second chance to experience her fully, and he wants to do it with her. Their happiness is cruelly short-lived, and he quietly dies later that night, only to be found by a completely devastated Izzie.

4 Some Kind of Miracle – 3×17

meredith sits down with ghost denny

Denny passed away almost an entire season ago, but fans are in for a nice surprise in “Some Kind Of Miracle.” During a near-death experience after nearly drowning in freezing temperatures, Meredith sees Denny Duquette and Dylan the bomb technician, who introduce her to the afterlife and try to convince her not to give up.

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Although he can’t see or speak with Izzie, there is a tender moment where he sits in the hallway and says that when she’s around, he almost feels like he can touch her.

3 In the Midnight Hour – 5×09

denny and izzie first time

Known as one of the weirdest storylines in Grey’s Anatomy story, Denny appears to Izzie throughout season five, and even as a ghost he’s all male.

Reluctant to believe he’s real, Denny challenges her to do something they’ve never done before to prove he’s real, and they sleep together for the time being. Reasonably confused and overwhelmed, Izzie doesn’t know what to do, but Denny assures her it’s real and he’ll always be there for her.

2 Alone – 5×10

ghost denny upset with alex and izzie kiss

Ghost Denny is still around and still adorable. This episode is full of kindness, hugs and jealousy as Denny follows Izzie around the hospital and sneaks around with her every chance he gets, and gets to know her again along the way.

Alex admits his love for Izzie, but Izzie is more distracted by her ghost boyfriend than her real boyfriend, and can we really blame her?

1 Stairway to Heaven – 5×13

emotional moment of denny and izzie in his last episode

“I thought you were my Heaven…but maybe I’m your Hell.” Denny and Izzie have to let go once and for all in this emotional, long-running episode. It feels so real to Izzie that she can feel it and see it. Does that mean he’s not dead or is she just crazy?

They share one last kiss before he disappears forever, eventually crossing over to the other side. It’s a long road to recovery for Izzie, but at least she believes in her heart that they both got the closure she needed and that she’s fine.

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